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February 14, 2024 

I am writing this brief letter to express how happy I am to see the continuing progress being made in advancing the practice of TRE in South Korea. Since Eunju translated my book, Trauma Releasing Exercises into Korean and introduced TRE in Korea, it was easier to introduce TRE to the Korean population. As always, people are first curious about TRE, how it works and why they should do it.

Now there is a growing number of people who have entered the training program to become Certified Providers.

They have learned how to develop their own TRE practice and are sharing TRE safely and professionally with others.

I am so happy to see TRE spreading as a result of their efforts. I support all of their efforts and accomplishments. 

Our TRE family around the world continues to grow and increase the awareness of TRE.

It is amazing to watch people empower themselves by releasing stress and trauma patterns from their bodies and minds.

As the TRE community continues to empower people, we can see that we are slowly engaged in helping people to develop a greater sense of peace within themselves. TRE is growing because it works so well and is so easily accessible. It helps to create a beautiful sense of balance and inner peace and yet it is so simple. I continue to support the TRE community and welcome all of you to join me in this interesting, powerful, and often exciting journey. Working together as a community, it is obvious that we are making our small mark on the global society and hopefully contributing to bringing peace, balance and harmony both within ourselves and within the world. 



David Berceli

Founder of TRE

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